Chemical Footprint Project updates & BizNGO meeting

11/7/2018 Cheri Peele Bulletins

CFP news & BizNGO Annual Meeting I wanted to share the latest updates from the Chemical Footprint Project, and to remind you about the BizNGO 2018…
11 08, 2018
Training: Avoiding Regrettable Substitutions with GreenScreen®

Online Clean Production Action Clean Production Action Events Trainings

Learn how to identify safer alternatives to chemicals of concern with GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals Identifying chemicals to avoid is typically an early step in…
10 11, 2018
Webinar: Chemical Footprint Project 2018 Results

10/11/2018 Webinars & Videos

The Chemical Footprint Project team, Milliken, and Vizient discuss this year's CFP Survey results. Watch the recorded presentation.
10 11, 2018
CFP 2018 Report: Leading brands demonstrate pathways to chemical and material health

9/17/2018 Chemical Footprint Project Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 17, 2018 CONTACT: Alison Poor,, 781-391-6743 x110 Continuous improvement – three years of CFP Surveys highlight the growing capacity of…
09 17, 2018
2018 Chemical Footprint Project Annual Report


Continuous improvement – three years of Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) Surveys highlight the growing capacity of business leaders to develop and execute comprehensive chemicals policies, know the…
09 14, 2018
Training: Setting Goals and Measuring Chemical Footprints

Online Clean Production Action Clean Production Action Events Trainings

Learn how to measure current chemical footprint and progress to sustainability goals, based on case studies from leading practitioners The Chemical Footprint Project is a…
09 11, 2018
Mark Rossi presenting at Living Product Expo 2018

September 11-13, 2018 Clean Production Action Bulletins

The Living Product Expo brings together leading minds in the design and manufacturing industries to lead the revolution toward healthy spaces for everyone. Mark Rossi…
09 11, 2018
Webinar: How to purchase PFAS-free food service ware

9/6/2018 Ann Blake, Clean Production Action, GreenBlue Clean Production Action Events Webinars & Videos

Download the slide deck. Manufacturers of disposable food packaging and food service ware often add PFAS to impart moisture, oil, and grease resistance. PFAS are highly…
09 06, 2018
Chemical Watch: Mark Rossi interview

8/22/2018 Chemical Watch Bulletins

How are some of the world’s biggest companies moving towards safer chemicals in products?Mark Rossi, Executive Director of Clean Production Action (CPA) will be speaking…
08 22, 2018
A Guide to Purchasing PFAS-Free Food Service Ware

Summer 2018 Clean Production Action, GreenBlue, Ann Blake Publications

Learn about the resources on our free webinar September 6th at 12 pm ET. Make more informed food service ware purchasing decisions: Fact sheet: Hazards…
07 19, 2018
Hazards of PFAS fact sheet

Summer 2018 Clean Production Action, GreenBlue, Ann Blake Publications

Download the Hazards of PFAS Fact SheetLearn more on a free webinar on September 6th at 12 pm ET.What are PFAS?Chemicals known as per- and…
07 19, 2018
Apple highlights its use of GreenScreen®

4/20/2018 Clean Production Action Bulletins

Apple's 2018 Environmental Responsibility Report reads, "We apply our most rigorous controls to the materials that are in prolonged skin contact. Our toxicologists review results…
07 18, 2018
How to purchase PFAS-free food service ware

Clean Production Action July 2018 Bulletins

Fact sheets & resources on PFAS alternatives Learn more on our free webinar on September 6th at 12 pm ET. Clean Production Action teamed up…
07 17, 2018
GreenScreen® Overview


Overview of GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals.  Includes how it works, identifying chemicals of high concern, practical uses of the method, and the Benchmark system.  …
07 17, 2018
Training: Managing the Chaos of Chemical Lists

Online Clean Production Action Clean Production Action Events Trainings

Learn how to effectively use chemical lists to proactively avoid known chemicals of high concern to human health or the environment Organizations of many kinds…
06 13, 2018
Training: Designing a Chemicals Management Policy

Online Clean Production Action Clean Production Action Events

Learn how to write or update a comprehensive chemicals and materials management policy that goes beyond regulatory compliance Companies increasingly realize they need to go…
05 17, 2018
Surviving chemicals of concern lists

5/31/2018 Clean Production Action Bulletins

Online training begins June 13th The course includes three live, online, 75-minute classes: June 13th: Discover the global landscape of chemicals of concern lists, how they…
04 19, 2018
Manage the chaos of chemical lists - webinar TODAY & more

4/18/2018 Clean Production Action Bulletins

Here are a few new resources from Clean Production Action and friends to support your journey to safer chemicals: Webinar TODAY: One stop shop for…
04 18, 2018
Webinar: One Stop Shop for info on chemical hazards: The Data Commons

4/18/2018 Clean Production Action, IC2, Healthy Building Network Clean Production Action Events Webinars & Videos

Tired of searching for hazard information on chemicals? Frustrated with reconciling divergent Red Lists? The Chemical Hazard Data Commons makes it easy to find, compare,…
04 18, 2018
RSLs, footprints, and safer alternatives

4/5/2018 Clean Production Action Bulletins

Need help understanding restricted substances lists (RSLs), measuring chemical footprints, or identifying safer alternatives? Here are some resources from Clean Production Action: 4 Courses on…
04 05, 2018