Webinar: How to purchase PFAS-free food service ware

Webinar: How to purchase PFAS-free food service ware

9/6/2018 Ann Blake, Clean Production Action, GreenBlue Clean Production Action Events Webinars & Videos

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Manufacturers of disposable food packaging and food service ware often add PFAS to impart moisture, oil, and grease resistance. PFAS are highly persistent, ubiquitous, and can migrate into food from packaging and food service ware. Upon disposal, PFAS can contaminate drinking water, compost, and agricultural crops. While PFAS pose alarming health risks, they could be avoided if the right precautions are taken when purchasing food service ware. You will learn about the new resources available to help make more informed purchasing decisions. 

The webinar includes presentations followed by a Q&A session.

This webinar is an initiative of the Cancer-Free Economy Network, a growing collaboration of 50+ organizations working together in aligned, cross-sector projects to eliminate toxic chemicals associated with cancer and other chronic diseases.


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