SciVera is Now a Licensed GreenScreen Profiler


Clean Production Action (CPA) is pleased to announce that SciVera LLC is now qualified as a Licensed GreenScreen Profiler.

Along with ToxServices LLC and NSF International, SciVera is the now the third licensed GreenScreen Profiler in North America. Licensed GreenScreen Profilers are organizations that have demonstrated expertise in toxicology and chemistry and that have the capacity to perform high quality GreenScreen assessments on a fee for service basis throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Profilers are also qualified to provide training using CPA developed GreenScreen training materials. GreenScreen Profilers have completed more than 200 GreenScreen assessments to date.

About CPA’s GreenScreen Program

Developed by CPA, the GreenScreen™ for Safer Chemicals (GreenScreen) is a science-based method for chemical hazard assessment that enables users, whether companies, governments, or NGOs to identify chemicals of concern to human health and the environment and also safer alternatives. CPA designs and delivers strategic solutions for green chemicals, sustainable materials, and environmentally preferable products. CPA’s goal is to enable the paradigm shift in the global use and management of chemicals because the costs of not taking such action are substantial in terms of human health, the environment, and societal and economic development.

About SciVera
SciVera provides cloud-based software, SciVera Lens, and accompanying consulting services, SciVera Services, to product manufacturers and their suppliers to enable clients to cost-effectively and reliably respond to a growing list of regulatory and market forces requiring detailed evaluation of chemicals in products for human and environmental health effects. SciVera’s clients use SciVera Lens and SciVera Services to provide expertise in toxicology, to gather product chemical data from suppliers, to evaluate product chemicals for human and environmental health attributes, and to manage chemical selection decisions using risk characterization and alternatives assessment.

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