What’s the Chemical Footprint of Plastics? Plastics Scorecard v1.0

What’s the Chemical Footprint of Plastics? Plastics Scorecard v1.0

July 1st, 2014 Ann Blake & Mark Rossi Clean Production Action Events Webinars & Videos

Would you like to:

  • Understand the deep connections between fossil fuels, chemicals, and plastics?  
  • Know how to measure Progress to Safer Chemicals in Polymer Manufacturing?
  • Know how to measure the Chemical Footprint of a Plastic Product?

The goals of the Plastics Scorecard are to inform the selection of safer plastics by businesses and catalyze manufacturers to reduce the number and volume of CoHCs in manufacturing processes and products. If successful the Plastics Scorecard will advance the development and use of plastics that use inherently safer chemicals in all steps of polymer production as well as in the selection of additives. But first of course you must ask, “Is it necessary?”

--Ann Blake is an independent consultant working with governments, occupational health, public health and environmental advocates to find viable alternatives to toxic chemicals in manufacturing and consumer products. Dr. Blake's work covers toxics reduction strategies from product content screening and environmentally preferable purchasing to drafting local, national and international legislation and chemicals policies. Dr. Blake brings over 20 years of experience in chemicals in products in over a dozen sectors. She is a thought leader in chemicals policy reform and a strategic thinker in efforts to create a just and sustainable global economy.

--Mark Rossi, Co-Director of Clean Production Action and Chair of BizNGO. Mark is a collaborative developer of innovative programs, tools and initiatives for integrating sustainable materials and safer chemicals into the economy. In 2006, he founded BizNGO, a unique collaboration of business and environmental leaders who work together in advancing safer chemicals and sustainable materials. Mark is also the co-author of the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, the leading hazard assessment tool for benchmarking chemicals based on inherent hazard.


What's the Chemical Footprint of Plastics? Plastics Scorecard v1.0


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