Know your chemicals: GreenScreen® 2017 trainings & more

10/19/2016 Clean Production Action Blogs Bulletins

GreenScreen® 2017 training schedule

Plan your training for 2017 now! These sessions will help you update or build a new robust chemicals management program that focuses on the use of safer chemicals. Our tools and strategies will help you effectively assess your chemical footprint and implement safer chemical substitutions in new product design.

Online GreenScreen Introductory Course*

Want to learn more about GreenScreen on your own schedule? Our online course reviews how GreenScreen can support your organization in proactive chemicals management, help you gain management buy-in, and how to implement the assessment methodology in your organization.

*This course is free for a limited time, due to generous funding from California Department of Toxic Substances Control and a US Environmental Protection Agency Pollution Prevention grant. 

Authorized GreenScreen Practitioner Program™ (April-December 2017)

This is the most advanced training available for technical professionals who are interested in becoming licensed as Authorized GreenScreen Practitioners. The training program offers product designers, engineers, toxicologists, environmental health and safety experts, chemists, and others a unique opportunity to help their company become leaders in the design of products that are safer for humans and the environment, while simultaneously strengthening their professional portfolio. Now accepting applications.

GreenScreen Advanced Topics (April-July 2017)

This course is ideal for technical professionals who would like to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in how to conduct a GreenScreen assessment. Also a great fit for individuals who are interested in the Practitioner Program, but do not have the time to dedicate to the more rigorous credentialing track at this time, or are interested in evaluating whether the credentialing track is right for them.    

Private GreenScreen trainings

Clean Production Action provides private GreenScreen trainings for organizations seeking a smaller class size, customized materials, and focused discussions. If you are interested in learning more about how a private training for your team could facilitate change towards greener product chemistries, please contact Shari Franjevic, CPA’s Education and Training Leader.

UW Certificate in Green Chemistry & Chemical Stewardship

Make a difference by learning to design safer commercial products and industrial processes through the University of Washington’s certificate program. The third course highlights GreenScreen as an assessment tool for safer chemical decisions.

Latest GreenScreen news 

GreenScreen® featured in Chemical Watch’s second edition of “Business Guide to Safer Chemicals”

Chemical Watch published a second edition of its Business Guide to Safer Chemicals, which aims to give readers a comprehensive analysis of the use of safer chemicals in products.

The report covers the latest developments in the emerging practice of assessing alternatives to hazardous and risky chemicals in products. It also considers current approaches and established practices.

Read the full report on Chemical Watch to learn how companies like Levi Strauss & Co. and H&M use GreenScreen to assess their chemicals. Our Education & Training Program gets a nod, as well.

CPA to present on GreenScreen at Kingpins Transformers Conference

Clean Production Action is headed to Amsterdam next week to take part in Kingpins Transformers, a roundtable series spotlighting members of the denim community who are committed to creating, implementing, and sharing the changes that need to happen in the jeans industry to make it more environmentally viable, socially responsible, and financially sound by 2029. While previous roundtable discussions focused on issues of water and waste, this latest event will tackle use of hazardous chemicals in denim supply chains. The event will include presentations from NGOs and chemical and garment manufacturers, as well as time for in-depth discussion of how to transform the industry as a whole to use of safer chemicals. provides new platform for pooled funding of GreenScreen® Assessments  -- a recently launched chemicals management and hazard assessment platform -- has incorporated GreenScreen as part of its suite of tools. The on-line platform allows brands, customers, and suppliers to collaborate on chemicals transparency both through an open exchange of data and by pooled funding of chemical hazard assessments. toxnot also provides a robust commercial toolset that allows companies to apply chemicals hazard assessment in their products and chemical inventories as well as support for reporting and compliance initiatives. In addition to implementing GreenScreen List Translator™ which provides a “list of lists” approach to quickly identify chemicals of high concern, the platform provides a space for pooled funding of full GreenScreen Assessments.