Greening Consumer Electronics

September 2009 Nardono Nimpuno, Alexandra McPherson, Tanvir Sadique Clean Production Action and Chemsec Blogs

New Report on the Greening of Electronic Products     October 6, 2009

Apple, Sony Ericsson and Major Suppliers are Leading the Industry in Removing Chlorine and Bromine Based Substances from Electronic Products
Greening Consumer Electronics

Clean Production Action and ChemSec released a new precedent setting research report on companies that are leading the electronics industry by moving away from chemicals that can lead to health and environmental problems.  The report: “Greening Consumer Electronics: Moving Away from Bromine and Chlorine” features seven companies who have engineered environmental solutions that negate the need for most -- or in some cases all -- uses of brominated and chlorinated chemicals.

Companies tell regulators that safer substitutes are feasible and profitable.

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