CPA presents to European Parliament on greening consumer electronics

Oct 2009

The “Greening Consumer Electronics - from Hazardous Material to Sustainable Solutions” Conference in the European Parliament

“The question is not whether the electrical and electronic equipment industry can phase out these chemicals, but when,” says Jill Evans, Member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur on RoHS dossier.

CPA presents at Greening Consumer Electronics - from Hazardous Material to Sustainable Solutions Conference at the European Parliament on November 18, 2009. An estimated 100 representatives from the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission, as well as representatives of the electronics sector, trade associations and public interest organizations attended the conference. Leading companies within the electronics sector sent a strong message to EU regulators that moving away from brominated flame retardants and PVC is possible, feasible and is already happening.   Why is the elimination of bromine and chlorine so important in the electronics sector?   The escalation in e-waste amounts is generating the amount of chlorinated and brominated waste streams - many of which are 'recycled' in the informal sector, generating chlorinated and brominated dioxins.