Webinar: Chemical Transparency: The Value of Ingredient Disclosure

1/10/2016 Clean Production Action Clean Production Action Events Webinars & Videos

There is paramount need for optimizing design and manufacturing that will result in healthier materials and products.  Chemical transparency throughout supply chains is a critical link to realizing this change. Our guest speakers are recognized industry leaders who share real world examples to illustrate the value of change. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the drivers for greater transparency in chemicals management.
  • Demonstrate the many positive impacts of full ingredient disclosure, including product optimization and increased brand awareness.
  • Learn how policies for transparency can bring value to supply chains and the marketplace.       


  • Rachelle Wenger, Dignity Health Director of Public Policy and Community Advocacy
  • Martin Wolf, Seventh Generation Director of Product Sustainability and Authenticity
  • Roger McFadden, President, Chief Science Officer, McFadden and Associates, LLC (and former Staples Vice President and Senior Scientist)


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