60+ products are now GreenScreen Certified™ & more news!

60+ products are now GreenScreen Certified™ & more news!

8/24/2017 Clean Production Action Bulletins


End of Summer Greetings from Washington State!

ShariFranjevicClean Production Action’s GreenScreen® hazard assessment methodology is used by organizations of all kinds to inform their choices and support their contribution in the transition to a healthy chemicals and materials economy.  

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GreenScreen Creates Positive Change in the World

New GreenScreen Certified™ Products: BST, Garmon, TLP Internationalgsc_core_logo_2017_resized 4

Clean Production Action launched GreenScreen Certified™ for Textiles in April 2017 to provide a clear and robust communication platform for products. Manufacturers use GreenScreen Certified™ to demonstrate leadership in their design of inherently safer products in the textile sector. Brands and retailers can use GreenScreen Certified™ to track progress towards use of healthy chemicals and materials. 

Beyond Surface Technologies (BST), Garmon Chemicals, and TLP International are leading the industry in using GreenScreen Certified™ to demonstrate their achievements in designing safer products. 

We are thrilled to congratulate Beyond Surface Technologies, the first organization to reach the Silver level of certification! This is a high bar and a significant achievement. The Silver level of certification means that all substances in the formulation are assessed using GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals and achieve a score of Benchmark 2 or higher.

Check out all the certified products.

Klean Kanteen uses GreenScreen to Innovate

Klean Kanteen recently unveiled its Klean Coat™, a chip-resistant, durable, powder coat finish developed with the support of GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals. Klean Kanteen is a leader in BPA-free, stainless steel drinkware and food transport containers. By using GreenScreen, Klean Kanteen is going beyond avoiding chemicals of concern (e.g., BPA) to also ensure the alternatives they select are inherently safer. Jim Osgood, President and CEO said “we are more committed than ever to measuring what matters most and reducing our impact on the environment. In the years ahead, we hope that Klean’s work with GreenScreen will encourage other manufacturers to make the selection of product materials in the interest of human and environmental health a standard operating procedure.” We commend your efforts!

Read the press release.

GreenScreenJourney_small_jpeg 4Organizations Invest in GreenScreen Capacity Building

Organizations value GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals’ scientifically robust and transparent chemical hazard assessment methodology, and are investing in building capacity within their organizations. Graduates of the GreenScreen Advanced Topics course have learned how to perform comprehensive and high quality GreenScreen assessments, and are prepared to be discerning users of assessment results and informed advocates for incorporating GreenScreen into decision-making in their organization and supply chain.
Congratulations to the graduates of the 2017 GreenScreen Advanced Topics Course! These graduates invested over 15 hours of class time and an additional 15+ hours deepening their knowledge and practicing skills through rigorous homework assignments. These individuals and organizations are poised to be leaders in the transition towards a healthy chemicals and materials economy.

The following individuals successfully completed the course this year:
  • Brian Penttila, Washington Department of Ecology
  • Jacob Gentillon, Roppe Holding Company
  • Nicole Acevedo, Beautycounter
  • Colleen McLoughlin, SciVera LLC
  • Stephen Fuller, TCO Development
  • Annemarie Ott, Saint-Gobain Corporation
  • Bob Kerr, Pure Strategies
  • Jennifer Reed, Anthesis
  • Elizabeth Miesner, Ramboll Environ

Blog: GreenScreen’s New Benchmark Review Process

In the face of incomplete data, sometimes trained toxicologists may come to a different conclusion regarding what level of hazard a chemical may pose for a particular adverse health outcome. Clean Production Action now has a Benchmark Review Process to both prevent and resolve any differences in a Benchmark score for the same chemical being assessed by more than one Licensed Profiler. 

Read the blog to learn more about our Benchmark Review Process.

Learn How You Can Use GreenScreen and Chemical Footprint Project to Create Positive Change

webinar 2Online GreenScreen Introductory Course: Register now!

Learn about GreenScreen on your own schedule. Our online course teaches you what GreenScreen is, how it was developed, who is using it, and how it is benefiting organizations. Take the next step to learn how GreenScreen can support your organization in proactive chemicals management, how you gain management buy-in, and how best to integrate GreenScreen results to inform your organization’s decision-making.

Watch the first module for free.

Web-based List Translator Introductory Course: November 2017

Companies striving to reduce their chemical footprint can now make a first move using the GreenScreen® List Translator. This automated tool is an abbreviated version of GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals. The tool is easy for anyone to use regardless of experience or knowledge related to chemical hazards and can be applied to chemicals you currently use or may use in the future.

Learn how to find and interpret GreenScreen List Translator results and how you can use the results to avoid chemicals of concern. You will also learn how GreenScreen List Translator results have been incorporated into broader systems such as the Chemical Footprint Project and US Green Building Council’s LEED standard.

If you are just getting started on your journey to understanding the hazards of chemicals in your products and/or supply chain, this is a great course for you! 

Learn more or sign up for the course.

DTSC1 2BizNGO Annual Meeting  – December 5-6, 2017

BizNGO members, join us in Boston with leading thinkers in the field to explore solutions to accelerate the transition to a healthy chemicals and materials economy and measure and communicate progress to safer chemicals.
This year promises to be a forum for open dialog, in-depth discussions, networking, and creative synergies and new ideas.
Get your ticket to the conference.

If you’re not a BizNGO member, but would like to attend the conference, please contact Alison or Ellen.

Chemical Footprint Project Workshop – December 7, 2017

CFPfoot_in_sand 2Be a leader in proactive chemicals management. Join us in Boston to learn how to:
  • reduce business risks related to chemicals,
  • measure progress in using safer chemicals, and
  • strengthen engagement with your supply chain. 
In this one-day, in-person, interactive workshop, learn how participation in the Chemical Footprint Project can support your company's chemicals management program and demonstrate your leadership.

Register for the workshop.

Enjoy the remaining sunshine. I look forward to working with you, and hope to see you in Boston this winter.

All the best,

Shari Franjevic

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