The 2017 CFP Survey is now live!

The 2017 CFP Survey is now live!

Chemical Footprint Project 11/1/2017 Bulletins


The CFP 2017 Survey is now live!

ManagementStategyIcon 4Brands and manufacturers now have a common language for communicating to investors and customers their progress on their journey to safer chemicals.

The Chemical Footprint Project Survey was launched in 2015 and evaluates corporate chemicals management with 20 questions over four categories:

  • Management Strategy
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Footprint Measurement
  • Public Disclosure and Verification
ChemicalInventoryIcon 8Companies report that participating in the Survey brings unanticipated benefits to their organization through:
  • productive conversations across their organizations,
  • actionable metrics to inform goals and priorities,
  • increased customer and supplier engagement, and
  • new opportunities to lead and learn.
FootprintMeasurementIcon 4The CFP Survey supports brands and manufacturers in their efforts to reduce the regulatory, reputation, and redesign risks associated with hazardous chemicals and to communicate those efforts publicly.

Interested? Apply to participate.

Here are some resources to help you fill out the Survey and measure your chemical footprint:

DisclosureIcon 3-Deep Dive Webinar for CFP Responders (Nov 7 @ 12 pm ET): learn the Survey ins and outs from the co-founders of the project & have a chance to ask your questions.

-CFP in-person workshop (Dec 7): get hands-on experience with answering the Survey.

-Guidance document: read tips, insights, and examples for each question of the Survey.

-Last year’s CFP Annual Report: see the results of the 2016 Survey.

*Please note that significant changes were made to figures in last year's report. View the updated version of the report* revised 10/25/2017.

Registration is open for the BizNGO annual meeting, December 5 and 6 in Boston! Learn more about what CFP is, how it is similar to and different from chemical footprinting, and how you can participate in it.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Survey. We hope you can participate this year!CheriPeele 7

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