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Resolving Pain Points

Common pain points that businesses experience in chemicals management:

Applicable Course(s) by Number

Consumers and NGO campaigners are increasingly demanding that products are safe. How can I avoid being caught by surprise with the latest “chemical of concern”?

2, 3, 4

How do I measure and report on our chemicals management in our sustainability roadmap?

1, 3

If “chemicals are the new carbon”, how can I identify and prioritize action on chemicals in my products and supply chain?

2, 3

I want to set up a Restricted Substances List beyond regulatory requirements.  How do I choose priority chemicals? 


It is a constant challenge to track and manage chemicals lists which frequently change. How do I deal with “list chaos”?


How do I avoid “regrettable substitutes” – replacing a chemical of concern with something equally hazardous that may be regulated in future and will cost our business financially?

2, 4

My company is trying to get full ingredient disclosure from our suppliers but they are claiming ingredient confidentiality. How do I get the information I need?

1, 4

We are aiming to eliminate a chemical of concern from our supply chain and publicize this to our consumers. How do we best market our efforts in a meaningful and factual way?


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