CPA Programs

Course 1

Identify a List of Chemicals of Concern for Action

Organizations of many kinds are creating lists of chemicals of concern that go beyond regulatory requirements to demonstrate proactive chemicals management.  How do brands and retailers develop their chemicals of concern lists and what actions do they take to implement these lists in their business practices?   This course showcases best practice from manufacturers and retailers, and demonstrates how the GreenScreen List Translator™ can be practically used to evaluate and prioritize action on specific chemicals within your organization.  

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Use GreenScreen List Translator™ to proactively manage chemicals of concern lists;
  • Articulate the value proposition for having an Action List;
  • Create a list of chemicals to track and/or take action on; and
  • Select external lists to comply with and be able to comply.


  • Class 1 – Benchmarking Against External Lists:  Learn about NGO and industry sector specific lists, the criteria and motivation driving the development of these lists, and how retailers can and are responding.
  • Class 2 – Avoiding Chemicals of Concern: Understand how GreenScreen List Translator™ supports stakeholders along value chains in creating and managing lists of chemicals of concern, learn how automated tools allow quick and easy application of GreenScreen List Translator, and hear how companies have used GreenScreen List Translator to prioritize action on chemicals of concern.
  • Class 3 – Developing an Action List:  Understand the value proposition for having an Action List, learn the steps and rationale taken by companies to develop lists for different actions, and how manufacturers can design and implement a Restricted Substances List.   

Next course will be in 2020.  Stay tuned for new dates!