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GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals® Method Documents

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Last Updated March 14, 2018

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Welcome to the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals® Resources download page. Here you will find the most up-to-date version of the methodology for performing GreenScreen® assessments. You can choose to download the entire methodology as a single document, or to download one section or one Annex at a time.

Section I describes how to assess a single chemical using GreenScreen.  Section II describes how to assess a polymer using GreenScreen.  Section III provides guidance for assessing a product using GreenScreen and/or GreenScreen List Translator™. Section IV describes how to assess a chemical using GreenScreen List Translator. Section V contains all the Annexes referenced in prior sections. Section VI includes access to the GreenScreen Assessment Templates. 

In GreenScreen v1.4, the hazard criteria and Benchmark criteria are included in the Annexes of the guidance document rather than as stand-along documents as they were in v1.3.  In addition, there are separate Annexes for the GreenScreen Specified Lists™ and the GreenScreen List Translator™  Map.

GreenScreen® Method Documents

GreenScreen® Guidance (entire document)



Section I – Assessing Chemicals

Section II – Assessing Polymers

Section III – Assessing Products

Section IV – Assessing Chemicals with GreenScreen List Translator™

Annex 1 – GreenScreen Chemical Hazard Criteria™

Annex 2 – GreenScreen Hazard Endpoint Classification Guidance

Annex 3 – GreenScreen Benchmark Criteria for Organic Chemicals

Annex 4 – GreenScreen Benchmark Criteria for Inorganic Chemicals

Annex 5 - GreenScreen Benchmark Data Requirements

Annex 6 GreenScreen Benchmark Worksheet

Annex 7 GreenScreen Polymer Hazard Criteria

Annex 8 GreenScreen Polymer Qualifying Constituent/Component Hazard Criteria

Annex 9 GreenScreen Transformation Product Worksheet & Resources

Annex 10 GreenScreen Information Sources

Annex 11 GreenScreen Specified Lists™

Annex 12 GreenScreen List Translator™ Map

GreenScreen® Chemical Template

GreenScreen® Polymer Substance Template

GreenScreen® Polymer Mixture Template

GreenScreen® Product Template

GreenScreen® Method Revisions

Revision List v1.3(2e) to v1.4

Revision List v1.3(1e) to v1.3(2e)

Revision List v1.3 to v1.3(1e)

Revision List v1.2 to v1.3

GreenScreen® Policies and Procedures

GreenScreen Benchmark Review Process

GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals Chemical Group Policy

GreenScreen List Translator™ Automator List Updated Policy