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The Business Case for Knowing Chemicals in Products and Supply Chains

12/15/2014 Mark Rossi UNEP Blogs Press Releases

New Report Makes Strong Business Case for Using Safer Chemicals in Products and Supply ChainsGeneva, 15 December 2014 - Chemicals are all around us, present…
12 15, 2014
New Third-Party Tool Measures Corporate Progress Towards Safer Chemicals

12/8/2014 TriplePundit Blogs Press Releases

Public Data will Empower Responsible Investors to Recognize LeadersChemicals of concern are an increasing problem in today’s marketplace leading not only to environmental pollution and…
12 11, 2014
Chemical Footprint Project: The next step in reporting

12/8/2014 Mark Rossi, Sally Edwards, and Tim Greiner GreenBiz Blogs

Just as every company has a carbon footprint, every company has a chemical footprint — even companies not in the business of manufacturing and selling…
12 09, 2014
Press Release: Chemical Footprint Project Launch

12/8/2014 Blogs Bulletins Press Releases

New Tool Launched Today Measures Corporate Progress Towards Safer ChemicalsThird-Party Benchmark Designed to Help Reduce Public Health & Environmental Risks from Chemical Exposure for Health…
12 08, 2014
Four GreenScreen® Sessions at GreenBuild 2014

Blogs Bulletins

Dear Colleagues, I am looking forward to seeing many of you at GreenBuild, and want to invite you to join me at some interesting sessions…
10 20, 2014
How leaders from Apple to ZDHC are opening up on chemicals

9/17/2014 Mark Rossi GreenBiz Blogs

What chemicals are in the products you sell? It should be the simplest of questions, but all too often, it's incredibly difficult for companies to…
09 19, 2014
GreenScreen® Newsletter - August 21, 2014

8/21/2014 Lauren Heine Blogs Bulletins

Welcome to the August 2014 edition of the GreenScreen newsletter!
08 21, 2014
Antibacterial chemicals are polluting our waterways

August 1, 2014 Bev Thorpe Originally published in Blogs

Antibacterial chemicals are polluting our waterwaysMost people are unaware of how widespread triclosan and triclocarban chemicals are in their daily lives. Many products labelled as…
08 01, 2014
GreenScreen Practitioner Program Accepting Applications for October, 2014

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ENROLLING NOW FOR OCTOBER 2014 Clean Production Action (CPA) is now accepting applications to the October 2014 GreenScreen® Practitioner Program.    This course is CPA’s premier…
07 30, 2014
Chemicals in Consumer Products - Press Release

7/10/2014 Bev Thorpe Blogs Bulletins Press Releases

Your soap may be toxic when flushed down the drain:  New GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals Tool Identifies Hazardous Chemicals in Common Household Products (Toronto, Canada) The Canadian…
07 09, 2014
Plastics Scorecard Press Release

7/1/2014 Mark Rossi Blogs Press Releases

Plastics Scorecard ranks popular plasticsBusinesses praise new tool to assess “chemical footprint” of plastic Free Webinar on Plastics Scorecard will take place Tuesday, July 1,…
06 30, 2014
Verified GreenScreen Assessments are Available Online!

7/1/2014 Mark Rossi Blogs Bulletins

Eight verified GreenScreen assessments are now available as part of the release of the Plastics Scorecard v1.0.
06 30, 2014
5 steps to reduce the chemical footprint of plastic products

July 1st, 2014 Ann Blake Blogs

By switching the type of plastic used in its IV bags, Dignity Health care system kept 700,000 pounds of high-concern chemicals — the equivalent in…
06 27, 2014
Safer Sanitizers & Disinfectants: A Look at San Francisco’s Latest Alternatives Assessment Webinar


Chris Geiger of SF Environment digs into the method and findings of San Francisco's recent report, "Safer Products and Practices for Disinfecting Surfaces". He will…
05 06, 2014
GreenScreen Training in Buffalo - Registration Open

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Registration is underway for the GreenScreen training in Buffalo, NY! This in-depth experiential workshop is intended to educate designers and decision-makers on how to implement…
04 30, 2014
GreenScreen® Newsletter - April 28, 2014

Blogs Bulletins

Welcome to the April 2014 edition of the GreenScreen Newsletter, and happy Spring to you!  Even in Alaska, the signs are here. Clean Production Action…
04 29, 2014
Congratulations to our new GreenScreen Certified Practitioners!

Blogs Bulletins

Congratulations to the first GreenScreen Certified Practitioners!  Clean Production Action is thrilled to announce that Cory Robertson, Curtis Wray, Jonathan Ostrowski and Truus Tiemersma are…
04 23, 2014
Where is your company on the path to safer, healthier products?

4/17/2014 Lauren Heine and Stacy Glass GreenBiz Blogs

Industry groups, nonprofits, governments and big brands are prioritizing the identification and elimination of chemicals of concern, including Target, Walmart, Hewlett Packard and the U.S.…
04 18, 2014
Walmart, California and beyond: The 411 on safer chemical rules

3/27/14 Mark Rossi GreenBiz Blogs

This month, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control announced its first three "priority products" under the Safer Consumer Product Regulations: 1. Children's foam padded…
03 31, 2014
Why the California Safer Consumer Product Regulations Matter to Your Business

3/18/14 Mark Rossi Blogs

Join BizNGO for a webinar on March 19 with Helen Holder of HP, where we will dive into the alternatives assessment requirements of the Safer…
03 18, 2014