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GreenScreen used in Galaxolide assessment

April 2016 Women's Voices for the Earth Publications Alternatives Assessments

Galaxolide: A Long-lasting Fragrance Contaminating the Great Lakes Galaxolide is a synthetic musk, a commonly used fragrance ingredient found in household products. Galaxolide is widely…
04 26, 2016
Alternatives to Methylene Chloride in Paint and Varnish Strippers Report

Molly Jacobs, MPH; Bingxuan Wang, PhD; Mark S. Rossi, PhD October 27, 2015 Publications Alternatives Assessments Reports

Download the entire report Read more about Model Assessments and download individual chapters New Report: Alternatives to Methylene Chloride in Paint and Varnish Strippers: Availability…
10 26, 2015
Bromine Free Semiconductor Chips

2009 CPA Publications Alternatives Assessments Case Studies

Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. was one of the first electronics companies to produce bromine-free semiconductors. The most formidable hurdle the company had to overcome was…
04 07, 2010