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Ronald W. Hart, Ph.D.


Ronald W. Hart, Ph.D.

Dr. Hart, who identified the pivotal role of DNA damage in cancer and aging, is an internationally recognized scientist, scholar and expert in business acceleration strategies for emerging growth companies. He is the former Chief Scientist and Executive Director of the FDA’s National Center for Toxicology Research and was the first person in the history of the FDA to be named “distinguished scientist in residence.” In addition, he was a co-author of the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 and co-chair of the Interdepartmental Committee on Technology Transfer for the United States government.

Dr. Hart has received over two dozen national and international awards and recognitions for his managerial and scientific contributions, including the Karl August Forester Preis from the German Academy of Science and Literature, and the Bose Medal from the Bose Institute of India.  In policy development, Dr. Hart has chaired the White House Committee on Formaldehyde, the Inter-Agency Committee on Environmental Health and Related Issues, the White House Task Force on Agent Orange and the White House committee on Chemical Carcinogenesis, among others.

He also has received appointments as Distinguished Professor at a number of institutes, including Cairo University and Guangzhou University. Dr. Hart has served on the boards and advisory committees of both the National Academy of Science-USA (NAS) and the White House, including as Chairman of the NAS Committee on Indoor Air and the NAS Board on Toxicology and Environmental Health. In addition, he has served on the editorial boards of more than a dozen professional journals, has authored or co-authored over 600 scientific publications and has served as editor for six scientific volumes.

Dr. Hart serves independently as either a director or a strategic advisor to numerous public and private companies, currently including: St. Renatus and Aerofarms, Inc. Previously he has served on the boards of Telescan, First Commercial Bank, Wireless Services and others.

Dr. Hart received his Ph.D. in physiology and biophysics from the University of Illinois in 1971.