GreenScreen Advanced Topics Course, Spring 2017

GreenScreen Advanced Topics Course, Spring 2017 image

The Advanced Topics Course is open to all interested participants who have completed the GreenScreen Standard Introductory Training or equivalent.  Experience with evaluating chemical hazard is helpful but not required.  Total time commitment is approximately 25-40 hours including homework.

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Cost is $3,000 USD. 

Schedule: live, web-based classes start at 8:00 AM PST.

One 1-hour orientation, eight 1.5-hour classes, one 1-hour transition and closure session. 

Class Date Time (US PT) Duration (hrs) Topics
1 5-April 8:00 AM 1.0 Program Orientation
2 19-April 8:00 AM 1.5

Assessing & Classifying Hazards

Carcinogenicity, Mutagenicity

3 3-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Reproductive Toxicity

Developmental Toxicity

Endocrine Activity

4 17-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Acute Mammalian Toxicity

Systemic Toxicity-Organi Effects


5 31-May 8:00 AM 1.5

Skin and Respiratory Sensitization

Skin and Eye Irritation

6 14-June 8:00 AM 1.5

Acute and Chronic Aquatic Toxicity

Persistence and Bioaccumulation

7 28-June 8:00 AM 1.5

Reactivity and Flammability

Estimation: Analogs and Models

8 12-July 8:00 AM 1.5

Hazard Assessment: Inorganics & Polymers

Benchmarking with Data Gaps

9 26-July 8:00 AM 1.5

Environmental Transformation Products

Benchmarking Inorganic Chemicals, Mixtures

10 9-Aug 8:00 AM 1.0 Transition and Closure

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