What's New: Events of Interest

GreenScreen Practitioner Program, Fall 2014 image

The GreenScreen Practitioner Program provides our most advanced training in the GreenScreen method.  Successful participants will be licensed to author assessments for their registered organizations.  In addition, if 3rd party review is ever desired or needed, they are licensed to submit their Authorized Assessments to CPA to become Certified Assessments.

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GreenScreen Advanced Topics Course image

The Advanced Topics Course is open to all interested participants who have completed the GreenScreen Standard Introductory Training or equivalent.  Experience with evaluating chemical hazard is helpful but not required.  Total time commitment is approximately…

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How to Find Safer Alternatives to Chemicals of Concern Webinar image

Alex Stone, Senior Chemist at the Washington State Department of Ecology, joined us for a deep dive into the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) Alternatives Assessment Guide. The Guide provides options for how to evaluate alternatives to chemicals of concern and identify safer alternatives. Alex elaborated on the details of the Guide and discussed how it will inform Alternatives Assessments in Washington State.

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