New Report! How to use GreenScreen for LEED v4

New Report! How to use GreenScreen for LEED v4 image

New "How to" Guide Provides Manufacturers with Clear Guidance on Meeting Latest LEED Requirements

Clean Production Action Makes it Easier to Disclose and Remove Hazardous Chemicals from Building Products 

(Boston, MA) --- A new report released today by Clean Production Action offers guidance for using GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals method to meet the LEED v4® requirements.
GreenScreen helps manufacturers, architects and designers in identifying chemicals of concern and selecting safer alternatives. Using GreenScreen enables building professionals to meet green building requirements and choose safer materials and products.
“The latest version of LEED building certification, along with increasing public concern for environmental health, emphasizes identifying chemicals in building products and using safer alternatives to those that are toxic,” said Mark Rossi, Ph.D., Executive Director of Clean Production Action. “GreenScreen is helping to clarify the world of chemicals in building products where disclosure is largely absent and knowledge of hazardous and safer chemicals is unknown.”
The newly-released “How to Use GreenScreen® for LEED v4” provides an overview on LEED requirements and defines terms that are critical for meeting them.  “The ‘How to’ guide is the outcome of a unique collaboration of manufacturers and users to provide clear guidance for meeting LEED requirements,” said Annie Bevan, Certification and Operations Manager at Green Circle Certified, LLC.

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