GreenScreen® Newsletter - April 28, 2014

GreenScreen® Newsletter - April 28, 2014 image

Welcome to the April 2014 edition of the GreenScreen Newsletter, and happy Spring to you!  Even in Alaska, the signs are here.

Clean Production Action is pleased to announce the first individuals to successfully become GreenScreen Certified Practitioners.  Congratulations to Jonathan Ostrowski (Clarke), Cory Robertson (Hewlett Packard), Truus Tiemersma (DSM Ready) and Curtis Wray (Hewlett Packard) for completing the challenging advanced coursework and practicum to complete the Certified Practitioner Program.

We have also provided a variety of webinars and in-person trainings. See below for more information about upcoming training opportunities and recent events.  A recent webinar offered in collaboration with BizNGO on “Safer Chemicals in Building Products: How to Get LEED Credit” may be of particular interest to many of you.

You may also enjoy a recent article published on written by Lauren Heine and Stacy Glass of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, “Where Is Your Company on the Path to Safer, Healthier Products?”.  GreenScreen assessments may now be used in support of Cradle to Cradle product certification.

We hope you find this newsletter to be of value and we appreciate your interest and participation in moving the market to greener chemicals, green chemistry and a circular (and C2C) material economy.


Dr. Lauren Heine
Co-Director Clean Production Action
Director GreenScreen® Program
Juneau, Alaska



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