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The GreenScreen® method is transparent and freely available; however, users of GreenScreen must agree to the following terms of use before downloading and using the method and guidance documents.:

1. The GreenScreen method, including the hazard assessment and benchmarking criteria, must be used as defined. If they are altered and used other than how they are defined, then the resulting assessment should not be labeled as a GreenScreen assessment.

2. Results from a GreenScreen List Translator assessment must not be considered or referred to as a full GreenScreen assessment. GreenScreen List Translator is a list-based approach to screening chemicals and is not a comprehensive full GreenScreen assessment. Chemical screening using the GreenScreen List Translator must use the correct terminology to describe the results. This means a chemical is classified as LT1 (List Translator Benchmark 1); LT P1 (List Translator Probable Benchmark 1) or LT U (List Translator Unspecified).

3. Results from a full GreenScreen assessment must be designated as ‘Unverified’ unless the assessment has gone through the GreenScreen Verification process. Unverified GreenScreen chemical assessment may be shared publicly only if access to the full report and supporting data is provided. It is not permissible to report just the Benchmark score and/or the hazard table without transparency about how the hazard classifications and Benchmark scores were decided for unverified assessments.

4. Use of the GreenScreen assessment reporting template is recommended and GreenScreen assessments should always include the following information:

– Name of assessor

– Whether the assessor is a licensed GreenScreen Profiler or Certified Practitioner

– Whether the assessment is UNVERIFIED or VERIFIED based on the GreenScreen Verification Program

– Date of the assessment and date of expiration

– Level of ingredient disclosure and reporting in the assessments

5. Only licensed GreenScreen® Profilers, GreenScreen® Trainers or GreenScreen® Certified Practitioners may use or display the GreenScreen trademarks and logos in accordance with their license agreements.

6. The GreenScreen® trademarks and logo should not be used by a manufacturer to promote a product unless the GreenScreen® scores for the chemicals in the product have been verified through the GreenScreen Verification Program AND the use of the trademark and logo is arranged under license agreement between the manufacturer and Clean Production Action.

Last updated January 17, 2014. We may modify these terms or any additional terms at any time. You should look at the terms regularly. We’ll post notice of modifications to these terms on this page.