Why Chemicals Matter

Regardless of where we live, we are all exposed to hazardous chemicals.  Babies are now born pre-polluted with known carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals in umbilical cord blood.   Hazardous chemicals can be in the food we eat, and the dust we breathe at home, at work and in our communities.

These chemicals can leach from common household products and from the materials we surround ourselves with. Toxic chemicals in products create ongoing toxic exposure from product recycling and disposal.  Some communities have higher hazardous chemical exposure from factory emissions or from pesticide use.  Other communities live in close proximity to hazardous waste landfills, incinerators or dumps.

Yet solutions exist which must be urgently implemented. Clean Production strategies in manufacturing, agriculture and product design can eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals and help reverse the rising global rates of cancer, neurobehavioural abnormalities and reproductive harm.  More benign chemicals in product design results in safer recycling and reuse of materials.  Our BizNGO resources and GreenScreen trainings will help you benchmark progress towards safer chemicals use.